The school will be opened to 30 qualified students.

Registration fee : 250 euros, VAT included. The fee covers all lectures, course material, wi-fi connections; lunches and coffee breaks.

Students will have to cover their expenses (dinner, accommodation and travel).

About 19 shared rooms are available at the school place (Guesthouse), the rate is 33,00 euros per night. Breakfast is not included, but can be self-organized on the accommodation kitchen.

Other accomodation: shared rooms in hotel about 40 euros per night, or through Airbnb.

HOW TO APPLY:  Prospective participants will have to fill out and submit the form below.

PREREQUISITE: Basic knowledge about language, music, cognitive processes.

SELECTION CRITERIA: The Organizing Committee will consider students actively engaged in research projects on the topics of the school and will give priority to those proposing a short talk on their research on those topics.

SHORT TALKS: Young participants who intend to give a talk (10-15 minutes) or present a poster, should declare it in the application form and provide a title, and a short abstract (max. 500 words).


  • Opening application: February, 15th ,2017
  • End of application: March 30th, 2017
  • Notification of acceptance: April 20th, 2017
    Due to the high number of applications there is some delay in notification. We expect to notify by May 2nd.
  • Payment and confirmation: May 15th, 2017