Student participants will present their work in the afternoon of the day indicated in the file. This choice is based on the theme of the day. Students have 10 min. for presentation. Using powerpoint is strongly encouraged.

Day Title Student Where from
Monday Basque improvised sung poetry:the key to understand the linguistic rhythm Ainhoa Aizpurua Insausti Spain
Monday Phrase boundary slowing on a non-speech domain Reed Blaylock USA
Monday Investigation a possible musician advantage for speech in speech perception: the relative contribution of F0 acoustic cue Michelle Cohn California
Monday The hand, the eye and the bow: embodied multimodal depicting in cello master classes Hui-Chieh Hsu Belgium
Monday Modes to moods: perception of ambiguous looping melodies Mandar Phatak India
Monday Computability as the main shared property of language and music lexicons Oriol Quintana Sanfeliu Spain
Monday Aspects of the definability of the sequence phenomenon in tonal music Ram Reuven Israel
Monday Memory skills of musician and nonmusicians Francesca Talamini Italy
Tuesday Spectral cues caused by smiling induce facial mimicry Pablo Arias Sarah France
Tuesday Do you chill when I chill? A cross-cultural study of strong emotional responses to music Eleonora Beier USA
Tuesday The San Siro project: musical training, cognitive and emotional development.  A three years longitudinal study in early adolescents Desirè Carioti Italy
Tuesday Mothers’ singing affects language in infants Giuliana Genovese Italy
Tuesday Optimizing song retention through spacing Joel Katz Canada
Tuesday Association between musical and linguistic abilities at the beginning of schooling: A preliminary study with first-grade children Borbala Lukacs Hungary
Tuesday The acoustic features of nonverbal vocal signals of emotion Lilian Ward New Zealand
Tuesday From expert to novice performance. Can experts adapt to novices’ faulty timing in joint music performance? Thomas Wolf Hungary
Wedensday Anticipation in subjects with developmental dyslexia with and without musical expertise Lapo Attardo Italy
Wedensday The specificity of expertise and the language of salsa music Laura Getz USA
Wedensday The influence of music therapy on the acquisition of the second languaga in 5 to 7 year old migrant and refugee children Sylvia Haering Italy
Wedensday Musical rhythmic training and conversational temporal skills in children with deafness Celine Hidalgo France
Wedensday Congenital amusia in dizygotic twins: A case study Jasmin Pfeifer The Netherlands
Wedensday Little Drummers: Infant Spontaneous Motor Tempo correlates with parental height Sinead Rocha UK
Wedensday Combining eye-tracking and motion capture to sudy human bodily micromotion in music prception Agata Zelechowska Norway
Thursday Comparing cortical analysis of speech and music Dana Boebinger USA
Thursday Neurostructure and creativity of singers and non-musicians Juilia Ebner Austria
Thursday The neural correlates of linguistic rhythm Katerina Kandylaki UK
Thursday The functional relevance of neural entrainment for rhythm perception Jan Stupacher Austria
Thursday Neural correlates and interoception in musicians’flow experience Jasmine Tan UK
Thursday Is brain structure in infancy related to subsequent music aptitude abilities in preschool? Jennifer Zuk USA
Friday Syntax in music and language:Towards an action-oriented approach Rie Asano Germany
Friday Embedding model applied to musical corpora Eamonn Bell USA
Friday The music of language: the relation between prosody and syntax in a group of children with developmental dyslexia Martina Caccia Italy
Friday Grammaticality judgement in linguistic and musical structures Katerina Drakoulaki Greece
Friday Perceiving musical intervals: a test case for categorical perception Michal Goldstein Israel
Friday Using music information retrieval methods for speech rhythm analysis- Results, Challenges and Perspectives Athanasios Lykartsis Germany
Friday Predicting the future in rhythm and language: The anticipation abilities of a group of Italian-speaking preschoolers Valentina Persici Italy
Friday Image schemas as conceptual building blocks Maria Hedblom Italy